I'm creating original affordable art to sell. Some pieces take many hours and others not as much. Each piece of art is a one of a kind original created in my new studio/apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

I 've been drawing and painting since I was a small child. I'm mostly self taught. I attended several art schools and learned a few things. After spending my 20's working in the Coast Guard, working construction and various other jobs, my wife, my two cats and I moved to NYC in 2000. This year marks our 19th year in the Big Apple. While living in New York I have worked in the printing industry. Using photoshop, illustrator and many other graphics programs I worked on book covers for major publishers, CD/DVD covers for Sony Music and even digitally archived old books for the New York Public Library.

Some of the print production, color correction and photo retouching work I've been part of.

While I have continued to paint and draw throughout my life, I feel that I have finally found my groove in my late 40's/50. My creativity has been on a long strange trip and this year marks a new stage in my life. So, thanks for stopping by my website/shop and keep coming back to check out the new art I will be adding weekly?