The Portrait Project

I started the idea of The Portrait Project back in 2011.  It began as a way to practice and advance my portrait drawing skills. I worked on it for several months in the winter of 2011. Spring came and I had other projects I wanted to devote time to so I put it on hold. Over that winter my skills advanced pretty quickly and I met some interesting people through social media. With that said, I have decided to start The Portrait Project as an on going practice. I will be doing one portrait a week starting May 1, 2019.  If you would like to participate please follow these guidelines

  1. Send a high resolution portrait photo (150 pixels per inch or higher, HEADSHOTS ONLY) to getch@getch.me

  2. Please provide your name or name of person in photo.

  3. Name the location of you or person in photo.

  4. And write a brief history about yourself or the person in the photo.

When I receive your email, with attached photo, I will reply back to you and let you know if the photo is useable.  I would like to keep the portraits the same size for presentation purposes. If it’s useable, I will draw your portrait in my style and send you a high resolution digital file for you to print or use anyway you like. The digital file will also be used in an online gallery on this website. The original will be framed and saved for a potential future gallery showing in the coming years, at which time they will be for sale at a low price, most likely the cost of the framing.

For now the portraits will be pencil, but in the future I may use pen & ink, paint or color pencil.

It’s that easy.  I do almost all the work and it’s FREE.  These are previous Portrait Project portraits. *Funny faces, disturbing and interesting faces are a plus. Freckles please. 


Other Portraits

These are the people in my neighborhood.